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Townshend Audio loves music and knows tried and tested engineering theory well. They find and exploit new, previously untried, processes to create sound reproduction that amazes fellow music lovers.

Townshend products are hand-built by skilled craftsmen in the UK, each material and technical process is chosen to ensure durability, reliability and sound excellence. Townshend Audio high-end audio products like the award-winning Townshend Rock 7 turntable showcase these qualities.




Rock 7 Turntable

The Rock 7 is an open frame, two speed, belt drive turntable mounted on three Seismic Load Cells™. It is the latest evolution of Townshend Audio’s legendary Rock turntables, so named because of the solidity of the bass they can deliver. This is a result of the unique front end damping trough which greatly diminishes vibration in the arm and cartridge and results in the cleanest sound available with vinyl.

Maximum Supertweeters

Maximum Supertweeters reproduce high and very high frequencies in the most coherent and realistic fashion to deliver a rich harmonic structure that dome tweeters simply cannot match.

Supertweeters reveal for very high treble what sub-woofers do for the low bass. Even more remarkably, there is an amazing improvement in bass detail on a system with Supertweeters.

Allegri Preamplifier

The Allegri Preamp is a very small control unit with a very big heart. It is rated by some very critical and highly experienced high-end hi-fi reviewers as the best sounding preamp at any price.

The Allegri Preamp is exceptionally transparent, has absolutely no noise and enormously wide bandwidth. It has vanishingly low distortion, very powerful and deep bass and amazing drive throughout the audio band. Treble is crystal clear with not a hint of hardness or brashness. It just sounds right!

Sound Isolation

Positioned under any piece of equipment, four Seismic Isolation Pods will dramatically improve the sound by breaking the acoustic connection between the audio system and structural vibrations in the room.

The Seismic Isolation Pod is a Seismic Load Cell™ with a circular foot attached to the lower end cap for stability. The length may be adjusted by turning the top end cap, which allows easy levelling of audio equipment placed on a set of four Pods. There is a soft felt protective piece on the top and bottom faces of the end caps to allow for easy positioning and to prevent scratching.