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EAR-USA / Sound Advice imports and distributes some of the finest, high-end audio products in the world. The manufacturers include: EAR,  Townshend Audio and Helius Designs in the U.K., plus Marten and  Jorma Design in Sweden.

Dan Meinwald selects the products he represents—and the manufacturers that make them—to help match people who love listening to music with audio equipment worthy of their love. It’s a love Dan shares. His dedication to music, and his years of experience in matching world-class audio components to outstanding effect, make him especially well suited to the task.

Welcome to the site. Here you can learn more about manufacturers and products EAR-USA/Sound Advice imports and distributes: EARMartenJorma DesignTownshend Audio and Helius Designs. You can search for specific products too. You can search for specific products here, but few resources can compare to contacting Dan himself. If you are interested in locating a dealer near you, contact Dan now.



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Tim de Paravicini and EAR 

EAR (ē/ā/ɑːr) makes amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers, and turntables as legendary as its founder, engineer and designer Tim de Paravicini. 

Tim de Paravicini/EAR’s designs captured Waterlily’s award-winning “A Meeting By the River” performances to become the record it is. His work is present in Pink Floyd’s SACD remasterings. 

The same legendary audio engineering technology that has made history in studios is available for the home. 

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Marten Loudspeakers

Marten embodies the Swedish spirit of form meeting function in beautiful harmony.

Marten brings together engineering, ingenuity and elegance to accomplish one simple—often elusive—goal: reproduce music to sound as close to real-life performance as possible.

Marten builds an extensive line of speakers models to bring that reality of sound to real living rooms and listening environments. These speakers don’t just perform in theory, in a lab or in an extensively well-treated room; they perform.

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Townshend Audio

The ear of a music lover, the mind of an engineer.

For 50 years, Townshend Audio’s engineers have applied their expertise, skill, and common sense to find the best solution for every pesky problem in the audio replay chain. Why? Because they love music. They want to build the hi-fi system of their dreams. The results of their long efforts can help you build the hi-fi system of your dreams.

Any one of Townshend Audio’s multi award-winning components will enhance the performance of any hi-fi system. Together, the improvements can be exponential.

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Jorma Design

Cables that retrieve and carry signal without adding or subtracting anything.

Jorma Design audio cables and power cords earn their place in world-class hi-fi systems by how well they do nothing. All the research, design, engineering and materials built into Jorma Design audio cables to carry and pass signal without doing anything to it. In a game of “grapevine,” Jorma Design would win, every time.

That simple task of carrying signal—without doing anything to it—is as exceptionally difficult to achieve as it is incredibly important to getting full performance from your high-end audio system. The interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords in a hi-fi can countermand the performance of any component in the system. 

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Helius Designs

Tonearms and turntables engineered to sound as beautiful as they look.

Helius Designs has been giving tonearms the technological love and attention they deserve for over 30 years. That kind of time, attention and know-how is what makes the Helius Designs Omega and Omega Silver Ruby tonearms possible.

Chief Engineer, Geoffrey Owen now carries his audio engineering skills and creativity to that body on which tonearms live—the turntable. Just as Helius Designs tonearms break conventions to achieve better results, the Helius Designs Alexia Turntable brings new technology to the turntable and solves old ’table problems in unique ways.

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