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The Django Series is the youngest in the Marten family, designed with our well renowned quality and build, but at a competitive price.

Django are perfect all-round speakers; powerful without sacrifice to performance. Django remains true to the Marten philosophy with a new vitality.


Marten Django XL Speakers


Django XL is a three-way full-range loudspeaker. As in the Coltrane models, Django XL has a level control for the bass of +/-1dB, which enables the listener to tune the speaker to the listening environment. The Django XL cabinet is not only optimized for resonance control and acoustical purposes, but makes the speaker very attractive, with rounded corners on the top and bottom of the cabinet, both front and back.

Made with supreme craftsmanship, it has been designed with the same filter technology as the Coltrane 2 and Coltrane Momento. Uniquely combining this technology with a ceramic tweeter, ceramic midrange, and three newly developed bass drivers, Django XL offers a full bodied sonic performance that perfectly embraces any type of music. All the subtle nuance and powerful dynamics of a great live concert are there.

Frequency range / 26–30000 Hz +-3dB
Power rating / 250 W
Sensitivity / 89 dB / 1 m / 2.83V
Impedance / 6 ohm (4 Ohm min)
Type / 3-way bass reflex
Drive units / 3x8" alumimium, 1x6" ceramic, 1x1" ceramic
Crossover frequency / 2nd order, 250 & 3000Hz
Terminals /Single-wiring WBT
Internal wiring / Jorma Design
Cabinet / 25 mm:s MDF 
Stands / Anodised aluminium with Marten cones 
Dimensions WxHxD / 27 x 119 x 50 cm (10.6 x 46.9 x 19.7")
Net weight / 47 Kg (104 lbs)



Marten Django L Speakers


The Django L is the smaller version of last year’s hugely successful Django XL. But it’s no little brother. With power and performance to spare, it punches well above its weight. Its versatility outscores any speaker in its class. And the sleek, fresh design means it looks as good as it sounds.

Two-way, with specially designed bass units from Norwegian SEAS and a ceramic tweeter from Accuton, the Django L is a real Marten speaker. Giving you the priceless sound reproduction you’d expect—at a price you might not.

Frequency range / 27–30000 Hz +-3dB
Power rating / 200 W
Sensitivity / 88 dB / 1 m / 2.83V
Impedance / 6 ohm (3.8 Ohm min)
Type / 2-way bass reflex
Drive units / 2x8" alumimium/ceramic, 1x1.25" ceramic
Crossover frequency / 2nd order 1800Hz
Terminals / Single-wiring WBT
Internal wiring / Jorma Design
Cabinet / 22 mm:s MDF 
Stands / Anodised aluminium with Marten cones
Dimensions WxHxD / 25.3 x 114 x 41.5 cm (9.9 x 44.9 x 16.3")
Net weight / 34 Kg (75.5 lbs)




MARTEN | Speakers Made in Sweden



A milestone not only for Marten, but for speaker design in general.

Our flagship series uses exclusive materials throughout. Carbon fibre cabinets. Beautifully crafted solid wood work made by Sweden’s finest craftsmen. Ceramic and diamond drivers, with tweeters in pure diamond. The speakers in the Coltrane Series are the first to use this combination.

The result? Extreme clarity, speed and resolution, and uncannily musical even at low volume. Making the Coltrane Series the ultimate reference in sound reproduction.

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Back in 1998, our philosophy of simple design and unembellished sound reproduction was encapsulated by our Heritage Series.
Today, we’ve retained that philosophy and refined the details, resulting in speakers that deliver a clean and invisible sound source and dry bass. Everything you expect as a true audiophile.

This year, the series is upgraded with new bass units, tweeters, feet, cones, pucks and improved and refined crossover.

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The Django Series is the youngest in the Marten family, designed with our well renowned quality and build, but at a competitive price.

Django are perfect all-round speakers; powerful without sacrifice to performance. Django remains true to the Marten philosophy with a new vitality.

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With our Form Series, form really does meet function. Resulting in speakers which combine stunning design with outstanding sound reproduction.

Our aim with the Form Series was to create an entry-level series, which remained true to the open, airy and detailed signature sound of Marten and would fit into the interior of any contemporary home.

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MARTEN | Speakers Made in Sweden

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